Communication is something that people think they are born with but really it is a skill. Being able to listen, focus, interpret intentions and explain yourself clearly would be a great tool used in both our personal and public life. We tend to only focus on the being heard part. We want to be understood but we seldom take time to understand the other person’s point of view.  We communicate but we don’t listen, no one is heard when hurt substitutes itself for communication and it is seldom replaced with actual dialogue. Soon “fake talks” replace real conversations. No plant grows in fake soil.

8 thoughts on “Communication:

    1. For some people they are so busy speaking their truth that they forget to reciprocate. For others they think only their point is relevant.

      Kim B

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    1. Thank you for your input. This blog is the result of perseverance and observations. I want people to have open dialogues but a lot of people believe they are born communicators. It is a skill. The more we practice it the better we will be. Listening to understand is different than listening until it’s your turn to talk.

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