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How do you spend your time? Are you investing in yourself? Social media is a great tool but don’t spend your life talking about life. Spend time on your goals and your dreams. Is it that you don’t have enough time OR that you are not spending your time wisely? Don’t just watch people that […]

A New Year

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So many people look forward to a new year like something is about to change. Nothing changes unless you change. Another date on the calendar does not change your actions or your perceptions. If you want this year to truly have meaning you need to be willing to decide what you are going to do […]

Thinking About Fear

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Fear is a constantly moving target, as we evolve and grow so does it. The amazing thing about fear is we control it.  We invite fear in and we get it intertwined with out daily life. The only way to deal with fear is to address it head on. What has you so terrified? Why […]


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Communication is something that people think they are born with but really it is a skill. Being able to listen, focus, interpret intentions and explain yourself clearly would be a great tool used in both our personal and public life. We tend to only focus on the being heard part. We want to be understood […]