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Christ Gave Me This Pen So I Have to Write the Truth

This Christian spoken word poetry book  is full of truth, not fluff. You will examine your path. You will examine yourself. These words will make you think.

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Poetically Inking: Just Me, My Pen & the Mic

This is a book about poetic truth. This is her vision of life, seen from a clear, precise detailed palette. Kim wants you to see her thoughts as she paints a vivid picture with words. Her poetry reaches inside you. ***Strong subject matter on some poems 18 years old or older.

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Haiku: Three Lines of Power

This chapbook has 60 haiku. A group of powerful, impactful, thought provoking poems can be done in three lines. ***Strong subject matter on some poems 18 years old or older.



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How To Love Your Kids More Than You Hate That Man

This parenting book is about parenting together.  Moms and dads are on the same team called family.


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