Jan 2021

Publications-Jan 2021

Kim’s poem called The Hunger Dialect was published online at the Poetry X Hunger website. There is audio of the poem too. Click here: https://www.poetryxhunger.com/create/poem-by-kim-b-miller

Performances – Jan 2021

  • Kim recited her poem called Temple from Falling Leaves (Interfaith Poetry Anthology) online via Zoom. It was hosted by All Souls Church.
  • Kim created a dramatic video of a poem and it was the opening performance of an event for Northern Virginia Community College. The event was called NOVA SERVES: Virtually: MLK DAY of Service.
    • Kim also co-facilitated one of the breakout rooms which was a Family Writers’ Workshop.  
  • Kim recited poetry on Zoom to celebrate the healing power of poetry and to raise funds for the Covenant House. Kiana and Kelly were the awesome hosts.

Activities – Jan 2021

  • Kim created a bold video of a poem and it was the opening performance of an event for Northern Virginia Community College. The event was called NOVA SERVES: Virtually: MLK DAY of Service. Kim also co-facilitated one of the break out rooms which was a Family Writers’ Workshop.
  • Kim read poetry and was interviewed online at What’s the Word by BLPS Network. This family friendly show is hosted by Queen T with co-host SoSo Dolo. This show was on Facebook Live via Zoom.

Feb 2021

Publications – Feb 2021

One of Kim’s poems was published in the newsletter for Triumph The Church of the New Age – International.

Performances – Feb 2021

  • Kim recited a poem online for the Prince William County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. They hosted an event for artist Rene Dickerson.
  • Kim performed poetry online for Idris O’Connor’s program on Black History and his candidacy. There will also be a segment on getting to know the candidate.
  • Kim created a dramatization of a poem for Black History Month. The video was part of an event for The Town of Dumfries.

Activities – Feb 2021

  • Kim recited poetry and she was interviewed online by 2 students and an administrator of Graham Park Middle School (PWC school) as part of their event: Black History Makers Spotlight.
  • Kim performed poetry and facilitated a workshop for middle school students in DC online (DCPS).
  • Kim recited poetry online for Grace Brethren Christian School. She also made a poem up on the spot, based on the abstract words the students provided. They tried to “stump the poet”. This was for their Black History Drama Class Celebration. (Maryland school)
  • Kim recited poetry and taught haiku, online for Write By The Rails.

Prince William Little Theatre presented a collection of performances in a parody about navigating relationships in the midst of the Covid pandemic in this cabaret-style evening featuring music, theater, and spoken word called: “Relationships In Covid Times.” The production is hosted by Hylton at Home which brings you live streamed performances and releases of previously recorded content. Hylton at Home is a part of George Mason University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA). Kim was honored to be a member of the cast.

  • Kim was interviewed on IG @blackgreekpoets as part of their Poet Laureate Series.
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  • Kim hosted, performed poetry and she invited 5 dynamic PWC poets to come speak their truth for Black History Month. You can watch Feb’s Poetry Escaped below:

March 2021

Publications – Mar 2021

Kim was featured as PWC Poet Laureate in both anniversary editions of Vision & Purpose magazine. March/April. https://www.vandpmagazine.com

Performances – Mar 2021

  • Kim performed poetry online for Vision & Purpose magazine. It was their one year anniversary.
  • Kim was one of the featured poets for a “Celebration of Women” for Mr. Speaker Ink. This Women’s History Month event was online.

Activities – Mar 2021

  • Kim was interviewed and recited poetry on Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio. The fantastic host is Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram.
  • Kim facilitated a haiku class online.
  • Kim facilitated a workshop: University of California, Berkeley 36th Empowering Womxn of Color Conference.
  • Kim was a guest on Strangers Connection Podcast. Lisa David Olson is the funny, engaging host. Listen to this fun podcast click here

April 2021

Publications – Apr 2021

  • Kim was grateful to be featured on page 10 of Prince William Living (April Issue).
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Performances – Apr 2021

  • Central Rappahannock Regional Library had a celebration of poetry. Inklings Writers Group and poets from our region recited their words.
  • Kim was one of the featured Poet Laureates for Day Eight’s open mic/poetry reading.
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  • Kim was one of the featured poets at Tuesday’s Verses (outdoors) in Richmond, VA
  • Kim was the featured poet online at an event for Walker Memorial Baptist Church, DC.
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Activities – Apr 2021

  • In April, on several dates, Kim performed poetry, had Q & A sessions and created poetry on the spot for several hundred 6th, 7th and 8th graders (PWCS students).
  • In April, on several dates, Kim performed poetry and had Q & A sessions for over a hundred 6th graders (DCPS students).
  • Kim gave a presentation,, recited poetry and had a Q & A for the Life Long Learning Institute of Manassas.
  • The Hylton Performing Arts Center announced a new initiative which showcases artistic talent within the Prince William County cultural community.
    • K [squared]² is one of four ensembles selected and featured as part of Hylton at Home. This is their community arts spotlight filmed at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in the Merchant Hall Theater.
    • K [squared]² is a visual and audio performance duo comprising Kim B Miller (poet) and Kelly Haneklau (anti-racist artist). Kim B Miller performs her original poems, while Kelly Haneklau creates an original painting on the spot to coincide with the spoken word message.
    • You can watch the replay below: (click on the picture)
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Merchant Hall Theater- picture credit: Hylton Performing Arts Center
  • Prince William Poet Laureate Circle members read their poems, online on Facebook Live via Zoom during Poetry Escaped. (Kim’s monthly online poetry event.)
  • On National Haiku Day (April 17th) Kim was interviewed by the phenomenal host/author Carylee on Instagram Live.
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  • Kim shared her journey as an author and characteristics of her writing life as well as answer questions from the audience. Joy O’Toole and Central Rappahannock Regional Library have a great interactive online program. FYI. Central Rappahannock Regional Library serves Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Westmoreland, Virginia. You can view the replay on Facebook: https://fb.watch/5b39hHIy2D/
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May 2021

Publications – May 2021

Poetry X Hunger is very pleased to announce the release of their first-ever collection of poems about hunger.  Intended as an easy-to-use handbook for teachers, lawmakers, policy leaders and community members, this e-book includes 31 haunting poems by poets from around the world about the all-too-present scourge of hunger.  The collection was co-edited by Hiram Larew and Aaron Whitehead aka Aaron R.FREELY AVAILABLE – The handbook is free and is also available at https://www.poetryxhunger.com/ Kim’s poem was included in this anthology.

Performances – May 2021
  • Kim performed poetry online during an international open mic for CAP. Community Arts Partnership (CAP) is one of the leading advocates for community arts in Northern Ireland.
  • Kim performed poetry online at International Friends OPMN. This open mic originates out of London, UK for Friends of St Paul Library.
Activities – May 2021
  • Kim performed poetry, facilitated a haiku workshop and had a Q & A for The DC Branch of the National League of American Pen Women.
  • Join Kim as she discusses “Writing Imagery” on Connie’s podcast called: Book Echoes Podcast..
    • Click the picture below.
Picture credit: Book Echoes
  • Kim was on a podcast that premiered this month called Coffee Talk with the phenomenal poet/host Sasha Perelman.
  • Kim presented an educational session at the Empowering Excellence: STEM, Advocacy, Leadership & Wellness Conferences. The Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) is the group that planned this event. EOA is made up of TRIO and educational opportunity programs from across ten states in the Midwest, however; they have colleges and universities that attended this event from all across the country including: NJ, KY, TN, TX, OH, MI, IL, IN, MN, and WI.