Visit her online store: https://kim-b-miller.myshopify.com
Just a reminder this is a  POD (Print On Demand) system). That means, items are not printed until they are ordered. Kim does not produce these. The online store also handles the shipping.  Kim creates the designs and the sayings. It may take about 9 days for you to receive your order, (sneakers take longer). 

Here are a few products:



Shop here:  https://kim-b-miller.myshopify.com 


Kim is so excited that her online store is open. She has several items available:
    • T-shirts
    • Mugs
    • Posters
    • Cuttings Boards
    • Journals 
    • Battery Backups 
    • Hoodies


All items are available in different styles with a Haiku (poem)/saying for just about everyone.
The online products will be screen printed and shipped directly by the online store after you place your order, Print On Demand. Most items take about 9 days to be shipped (sneakers take about 30 days to be shipped) .
Kim also sells T-shirts is person.  She has some of the same Haiku on different shirts. More Haiku designs can be found online. The shirts listed online are different but great too.
Click below to go to her store:

 If you would like to catch up with Kim in person please click Events to see where she will be performing.
If you are looking for something specific that you don’t see online, please use this form.

Her words will make you think. Stop by her shop and get inspired.