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Prince William County, Manassas & Manassas Park, VA Poet Laureate Emerita, Kim B Miller

Kim is the First African American Poet Laureate for Prince William County, Manassas & Manassas Park, VA. She was Poet Laureate Oct. 2020- Oct. 8, 2022. For more info click here. 

What does emerita mean:  a woman who no longer has a position but still keeps the title of the position. 

Prince William County, VA Poet Laureate Emerita Kim B Miller

(Emerita is another way of saying former Poet Laureate.)




Kim is the poetic host of a bold, family friendly open mic.


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DMV  Renaissance Award Winner:
2022 Haikust Of The Year

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Kim was featured on Voice of America News in 2022.

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Kim was featured on WTOP: online and on the radio in 2021. 

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Kim, Spoken Word Poet & Author
Excerpt From Kim’s Poem in her new book: My Poetry is The Beauty You Overlook.


I am the words you dare not speak
I am the truth you will not face
My name is poetry and I will never be what you want to hear
But truth cannot be ignored
Poetry is not what I do
Words are what I breathe and I decided to come exhale on you

All poems were written by Kim B Miller. They cannot be used, copied, stated, disseminated in whole or part without Kim B Miller’s written consent. 


Haiku: Battles
Beginning to see
battles are temporary,
love is forever.




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