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You decide what you believe. Yes, what you believe is governed by your experiences, past and family but ultimately you decide. Once you decide, you make those beliefs your reality even if they are actually your perspectives.

What do I mean by perspective? A perspective is a mental view of a situation. So, you take your mental opinion and state it to yourself as a fact, therefore; it becomes your reality.

Does that mean you are wrong? No! It does not mean you are right either.

Let me give you an example…. Let’s say that you are a singer. You say to yourself that you are not a great singer. If an audition comes up you may not even go because in your mind you are not a great singer. So, you end up limiting your own opportunities because you have made a decision that you are an “okay singer”. Since you don’t go to the audition you don’t get the job so that further backs up your opinion but really you just made your opinion come true. You made your perspective your reality.

So you need to decide if you are willing to broaden your perspective. Are you willing to let yourself grow?

Are you willing to open your mind to new possibilities?

Look at yourself with honesty not cruelty. Give yourself time to change the reality that you set up.

Now you can change your life. It has to start with you self examining your motives too. Did you limit yourself because of fear or capability?

Did you make assumptions about someone else that are not actually facts but are really opinions?

Are you asking someone to give you the benefit of the doubt and to be fair….Are you being fair to them?

The great news is you can change all of this by changing what you say to yourself. You are in control. First you have to admit what you are doing.

Open your mind and change your reality. You are so important to your growth. Start with simple truths and build

Put checks in place to make sure you stay grounded. Ask yourself:

  • Is this my genuine opinion?
  • If this is a fact. Can I prove it? (Try to decipher if you are being authentic.)
  • Am I scared? Am I using fear to change my perspective/reality? (If you are afraid and fear is a “trigger” for you come up with some coping mechanisms that don’t derail your progress.) In other words, if you normally just talk yourself out of all auditions, change that to I will try 5 this time.)
  • Is there something in my past that makes me think this way?
  • Am I using a past experience to limit my future?

Once you start investigating your motives you can change your mind, thoughts and actions. Start today! Don’t waste any more time in a fake reality. Go thrive!

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