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    Blog: Your Perspective

    You decide what you believe. Yes, what you believe is governed by your experiences, past and family but ultimately you decide. Once you decide, you make those beliefs your reality even if they are actually your perspectives. What do I mean by perspective? A perspective is a mental view of a situation. So, you take your mental opinion and state it to yourself as a fact, therefore; it becomes your reality. Does that mean you are wrong? No! It does not mean you are right either. Let me give you an example…. Let’s say that you are a singer. You say to yourself that you are not a great singer.…

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    Blog: Find Your People

              Are you around negativity voluntarily? When are you going to stop blaming the others? You surround yourself with people  who are content doing nothing so they don’t want you to be something. Your creativity is getting suffocated. Your dreams are being erased. You doubt your abilities and you are scared of success. You had none of these issues until your friends fed you doubt and fear. Find your people: believers, movers, doers. 

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    Blog: Self Love

    Life may not be exactly the way you want it but you can still love yourself. Loving your reflection is not an option. Flaws are marks of pride; they show you your human instincts are not perfect. They keep you humble.  Perfection is an unobtainable myth but self love is a journey worth traveling every day.     

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    Blog: Blossom

    You made mistakes. You fell down. You condemned yourself but you see the good in others. You think your obstacles are too big to overcome. You think you’re too weak to be strong.  You give strangers more optimism than you give yourself. Stop the self hate. Even a rose sits in dirt. Yet you find beauty in the color of the petals and the fragrance it emits.  You don’t condemn the flower even though it has thorns. Sit in your dirt and grow and blossom.  Don’t label yourself, enable your growth.

  • Time

    Blog: Time

    How do you spend your time? Are you investing in yourself? Social media is a great tool but don’t spend your life talking about life. Spend time on your goals and your dreams. Is it that you don’t have enough time OR that you are not spending your time wisely? Don’t just watch people that are successful. You can’t infuse their success. Learn from their journey.   Make your path your own. Be that innovator.   Blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Make a wish. Now go make it come true.  

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    Blog: A New Year

    So many people look forward to a new year like something is about to change. Nothing changes unless you change. Another date on the calendar does not change your actions or your perceptions. If you want this year to truly have meaning you need to be willing to decide what you are going to do differently.  What did you do well? What didn’t work?  

  • Fear

    Blog: Thinking About Fear

    Fear is a constantly moving target, as we evolve and grow so does it. The amazing thing about fear is we control it.  We invite fear in and we get it intertwined with out daily life. The only way to deal with fear is to address it head on. What has you so terrified? Why don’t you believe in yourself? Getting a “no” does not mean you failed it’s means you can’t do it that way, at that time. Once you decide to walk through your fear you gain strength and the next obstacle won’t seem as big.  Everyone who has succeeded failed first they just didn’t give up. Don’t…

  • Communication

    Blog: Communication:

    Communication is something that people think they are born with but really it is a skill. Being able to listen, focus, interpret intentions and explain yourself clearly is a great tool that is useful in both your personal and public life. We tend to only focus on the being heard part. We want to be understood but we seldom take time to understand the other person’s point of view.  We communicate but we don’t listen. No one is heard when hurt substitutes itself for communication and it is seldom replaced with actual dialogue. Soon “fake talks” replace real conversations. No real plant grows in fake soil. Listen and then receive.…