Kim’s latest book:

  • 10 Poems
  • 10 Kimisms
  • 100 Haiku

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Kim’s poetry book was reviewed,  in conjunction with Day Eight’s February 2022 conference on “The Crisis in Book Review.” The DC Line worked with conference organizers on the New Book Reviewer Project, an initiative to grow the amount of local book reviewers. Morgan Musselman was the reviewer. Read her insightful review.

22 Black Poets Laureate in one poetic book. We like the flow of poet laureates better.

Kim is the author of 5 books and she has been published in 5 anthologies and 1 self healing book with 25 authors. To order your signed book directly for Kim please click here.  
    1. Christian poetry book: Christ Gave Me This Pen So I Have to Write the Truth
    2. Adult poetry book: Poetically Inking: Just Me, My Pen & The Mic **Not for kids***
    3. Poetry book for everyone: My Poetry Is The Beauty You Overlook
    4. Limited Edition Journal: Hope On Purpose:26 Weeks of Clarity
    5. Parent Alienation Book: How to Love Your Kids More Than You Hate That Man
    6. 25 Authors, Kim wrote Chapter 15: The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing, Vol. 2
    7. Interfaith Anthology called Falling Leaves, several authors
    8. Hog Wild
    9. Poets Speak Back to Hunger: 
      An e-Collection of Poems from Around the World
    10. Confetti by Write by the Rails 
    11. In Fullness of the Word: An Anthology of Black American Poet Laureates – Volume 1


Limited Edition Journal:

Hope On Purpose, 26 Weeks of Clarity

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Christ Gave Me This Pen So I Have to Write the Truth: (Paperback)

Kim’s Christian poetry book has been on Amazon Best Seller list in the African American Poetry category: 

This Christian spoken word poetry book  is full of truth, not fluff. You will examine your path. You will examine yourself. These words will make you think. Of course the book includes haiku and Kimisms.  

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Front Cover


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Poetically Inking: Just Me, My Pen & the Mic: (Paperback)

This is a book about poetic truth. This is her vision of life, seen from a clear, precise detailed palette. Kim wants you to see her thoughts as she paints a vivid picture with words. Her poetry reaches inside you. Of course the book includes haiku and Kimisms. 

***Strong subject matter on some poems, parental advisory, not for children.*****  


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Kim’s first book on parent alienation was published in 2007.

Kim has been featured on WLIB, KD Bowe Morning Show with Denise Hill, giving advice and guidance to callers with questions on parenting.

She has written articles for websites including: Woman’s Divorce      

 2 Sexy Moms: 

Resources: Divorce Advice For Women Dedicated to helping women survive the divorce process and begin rebuilding a satisfying new life.