Kim’s Events


Kim’s podcast is on YouTube. Click here for replays:

This event is in person in North Carolina.

Kim is the facilitator for Writing To Wellness (online) every second Monday at 6 PM EST. This class was created by C. Thomas Works.

3 in person events on Juneteenth

Kim will be marching and speaking. The parade begins at 11 AM at the corner of UMC Dumfries, and ends at the Dumfries “Slave” Cemetery with an informational presentation and jubilee honoring the ancestors.(This is located near Dumfries Elementary.)

Kim will be performing.

Kim will be hosting.

This event is in person.

This conference is in person.

Kim is the keynote speaker at the 2023 Rappahannock Writers Conference On Nov. 4th,

additional info will be added later.

This showcase is in person.

Kim will be one of the featured poets in Georgia on Nov. 4.