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Voice of America News did a story on Kim B Miller: Prince William County Poet Laureate in 2022.

Voice of America is a state-owned international radio broadcaster (US). It is the largest and oldest US funded international broadcaster.

The Poet & The Poem was hosted by Grace Cavalieri, Maryland Poet Laureate. Kim was a guest.

Kim is known for her bold words. Her haiku are “punch lines” on steroids.

On the milestone of their 35th Anniversary, Kim wrote an original poem about Western Fairfax Christian Ministries.

Here is a video of a live performance of Kim reciting her poem called Not Magic.

Kim recites a poem and Kelly paints, together they are K [squared]². K [squared]² is a visual and audio performance duo comprised of Kim B Miller and Kelly Haneklau. Kim B Miller performs her original poems, while Kelly Haneklau creates an original painting on the spot to coincide with the spoken word message. This is their community arts spotlight filmed at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in the Merchant Hall Theater.

Merchant Hall Theater- picture credit: Hylton Performing Arts Center

Podcast: Stay at Home Mom? Yeah Right!

The Authority Project is the truth!

Triumph Life Center has beautiful online programs. Kim was so grateful to be a part of their event.

Unconventional Leaders Podcast is here. Come inhale this boldness.

Here is an appetizer (audiogram) for a Podcast she did called Journey With Mpho, 2020.


Podcast- Journey With Mpho,  The Autobiography of Kim B Miller 

Listen to the full podcast here: 




Radio Interview



Kim was interviewed on 90.3 WHPC. The engaging host is Dr. Jeanine Cook-Garard and the phenomenal producer is Jim Green, 2018.

Station pic







This is a live recording of  Kim doing motivational speaking at a show called the Art of Friendship at Paul Mitchell The School, June 2018.


Kim was the opening performer for The 2017 Arlington VA Martin Luther King Celebration.  She performed a poem later as well. You can watch her live performance here:



This live performance was recorded in 2016 at Northern Virginia Community College.,


You can watch Kim spit some Haiku. This live performance was recorded in 2015 at her feature at The Variety Show.




As an Event Planner I had the opportunity to hire Kim as a featured Poet at some of my events held in Dale City and Washington DC and she was a great hit!  Everyone loved Kim’s unique poetry style and the bold confidence.  Her poetry makes you think, smile and even laugh.  Her positive spirit is infectious.  

Along with undeniable talent, Kim has always been an absolute joy to work with.  She’s very talented and has a great passion for the arts.  She always manages to foster positive discussions and brings the best out of others that she meets.  

Anastasia Peace, Speak Peace Entertainment

“I’ve drooled over Kim’s haiku poems for months and when she finally set up this class I was excited. I learned several new things about haiku and fell in love with it a little more.  She also gave us unexpected and great tips for how to incorporate poetry into our talks and speeches, as well as how to market our poetry. This class was super informative and a lot of fun. Highly recommend you take some time to learn from Kim the next time she offers this class! 

Laura Di Franco, Owner of Brave Healer Productions 

Kim is an excellent motivational speaker. She gets right to the heart and speaks about issues in a way that gets you going, moves your spirit and makes you think. Sometimes she will bring you to tears and sometimes you are just left with your mouth hanging open! All I can say is you MUST experience Kim! She will not disappoint!

Audrey Witherspoon

The word “EXTRAORDINARY” does not do this talented woman any good, she goes beyond “EXTRAORDINARY” truly blessed by the BEST. Mrs. Miller’s (Kim B.) poetry has touched many lives and will continue. Kim, keep on writing, sharing, and blessing everyone. Indeed, I AM as well as others are very fortunate to know you.  

S. Bennett



CD Released

Kim’s first CD was released in 2017. The title is: My Poetry is Portable but the Truth Doesn’t Move.