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Kim was interviewed by greatness: Carolivia Herron.

Voice of America News did a documentary on Kim B Miller: Prince William County Poet Laureate in 2022.

Voice of America is a state-owned international radio broadcaster (US). It is the largest and oldest US funded international broadcaster.

Kim’s Poetry

The Hunger Dialect

Click on the link below to read the poem or listen to audio of Kim reading the poem.

Kim’s poem “Poetry Is” was included in Tishomingo Arts Council’s 2024 Smartphone Recital Series where Poets Laureate from across the nation, recite their work from the comfort of their homes. Watch the video here:

Kim’s poem “We Write” was included in Tishomingo Arts Council’s 2023 Smartphone Recital Series where Poets Laureate from across the nation, recite their work from the comfort of their homes. Watch the video here:

Kim is known for her bold words. Her haiku are “punch lines” on steroids.

On the milestone of their 35th Anniversary, Kim wrote an original poem about Western Fairfax Christian Ministries.

Here is a video of a live performance of Kim reciting her poem called Not Magic.

K [squared]²

Kim recites a poem and Kelly paints, together they are K [squared]². K [squared]² is a visual and audio performance duo comprised of Kim B Miller and Kelly Haneklau. Kim B Miller performs her original poems, while Kelly Haneklau creates an original painting on the spot to coincide with the spoken word message. This is their community arts spotlight filmed at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in the Merchant Hall Theater.

Merchant Hall Theater- picture credit: Hylton Performing Arts Center

Podcasts or Shows (Kim Was A Guest)

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Kim was a guest on Ingrid’s World Ep 120. That show aired in 2023 on the following local stations:

  • FAIRFAX CITY & FAIRFAX COUNTY: Cox-Ch.10 & Verizon-Ch.10
  • FALLS CHURCH: Cox-Ch.10 & Verizon-Ch.10
  • LEESBURG & LOUDOUN: Verizon-Ch.10
  • STAFFORD COUNTY: Verizon-Ch.10
  • RESTON: Verizon-Ch.10
  • DISH TV – Ch.8

Kim was a guest on the Big Meow Podcast, 2023:

Award winning poet/host Grace Cavalieri presents poets reading their work and talking about their art. THE POET AND THE POEM has made history for one reason: It’s powerful, 2022.

Podcast: Stay at Home Mom? Yeah Right!

The Authority Project is the truth!

Triumph Life Center has beautiful online programs. Kim was so grateful to be a part of their event.

Here is an appetizer (audiogram) for a Podcast she did called Journey With Mpho, 2020.


Podcast- Journey With Mpho,  The Autobiography of Kim B Miller 

Listen to the full podcast here: 




Radio Interview



Kim was interviewed on 90.3 WHPC. The engaging host is Dr. Jeanine Cook-Garard and the phenomenal producer is Jim Green, 2018.

Station pic







Kim was the opening performer for The 2017 Arlington VA Martin Luther King Celebration.  She performed a poem later as well. You can watch her live performance here:



This live performance was recorded in 2016 at Northern Virginia Community College.,




CD Released

Kim’s first CD was released in 2017. The title is: My Poetry is Portable but the Truth Doesn’t Move.


Kim’s YouTube Channel: