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Kim’s framed poems are only sold in person.
Kim’s 3D canvases are only sold in person.  


What is POD? It is Print On Demand. POD means items are not printed until you place your order.  The item has to be produced before it is shipped.

This store has over 100 design (more than Kim can hold herself) .

**There is an online vendor that produces and ships Kim’s merch. 

Visit this online store: Click here or click the picture

***Just a reminder this is a  POD (Print On Demand) system), that means, items are not printed until they are ordered. Kim does not produce these. The online store also handles the shipping. Kim creates the designs and the sayings.

It may take about 14 days for your order to be shipped.


Here are some of the products available. Click on each inspiring category for more information:


Her words will make you think. Stop by her shop and get inspired.

Here are some of Kim’s poetic mugs